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City Centre Action Program (CCAP)

The CCAP is established with an objective to create a vibrant and dynamic Fort McMurray City Centre.

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The CCAP will accommodate economic growth and rapid change in our region. It builds on the Municipality’s commitment to sustainability and contains a series of initiatives to support the City Centre in becoming a focal point and a model for sustainable living in the north.

The City Centre boundary extends from McDonald Island to Waterways, including waterfront areas of the Snye and the Clearwater River (please refer to the boundary map below).

The first action out of the CCAP is to update the Lower Townsite Area Redevelopment Plan through the creation of the City Centre Area Redevelopment Plan (CC-ARP)

The second action out of the CCAP is to update the Land Use Bylaw (CC-LUB) within the City Centre area.


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