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FAQ for residential electricity re-energization

My electricity has been turned off, what is the first step for re-energization?

Take a look at our re-energization guide, which will help you figure out where to start depending on the water damage to your property.

What do I need to do to get the power back on in my home if my basement was flooded?

If your basement was flooded, it’s highly likely that the electrical system or some of its parts were compromised by water. The potential risk of fire or electrocution from a damaged electrical system is too great, so you’ll need to remove all of the water-damaged material in the basement and expose all of the wiring and equipment that could have been affected. All the electrical wiring and equipment affected by the water will need to be either removed or completely disconnected from the panel and the replacement wiring re-inspected before the home is energized.

How do I get the power back on in my house before completing the wiring?

You don’t have to complete all your new replacement wiring, but you will have to remove all of the damaged wiring and get it inspected.

Why was my power meter shut off?

If your power meter was shut off, a Safety Codes Officer determined that your electrical system could have been damaged from the flood. 

I am ready for a Safety Codes Officer to inspect my electrical system. How do I schedule an appointment?

To reconnect your system, call Pulse at 780-743-7000 to schedule an inspection of your electrical system or fill the online form below.

Request for an Electrical Inspection

Why do I need a Safety Codes Officer to visit my home?

A Safety Codes Officer must confirm that flooding didn’t damage or otherwise compromise the electrical system of your home.

My electrical system passed the inspection, how do I get my electricity turned on?

ATCO Electric will be contacted to re-energize your home.

It is especially important, given the COVID-19 situation, that customers keep their distance from ATCO crews so that they can focus on the work needed to restore service. For more information, visit atco.com.

What happens if my electrical system doesn’t pass the inspection?

You will need to work with a licensed contractor or ticketed electrician to fix your electrical system.

Can I fix the system myself?

It must be fixed by a licensed contractor or ticketed electrician. 

What will the contractor or ticketed electrician do?

The contractor will obtain Safety Codes permits and repair your electrical system. Once repaired, the contractor will line up a safety inspection.

How to I get the permits required to repair my electrical system?

Only a licenced contractor or homeowner working with a ticketed electrician can obtain a permit to repair the electrical system.


FAQ for commercial electricity re-energization

I am a business who needs electrical re-energization. How do I get my power restored?

An RMWB Safety Codes Commercial Electrical Evaluation is required for all flood affected commercial properties prior to re-energization.

If you are ready for a Commercial Electrical Evaluation you can request one using the form below or contact Pulse at 780-743-7000

Commercial Electrical Evaluation


My commercial building sustained significant water damage. What should be my first step?

If your building sustained significant water damage you should contact a licensed contractor to repair your buildings electrical system prior to requesting a Commercial Electrical Evaluation.

I am a tenant of a commercial building, am I able to request a Commercial Electrical Evaluation?

No, the building operator or property manager must request the Commercial Electrical Evaluation so that the RMWB Safety Codes Inspectors can have access to the buildings entire electrical system.

What happens if I fail the Commercial Electrical Evaluation?

If you fail, the Safety Codes Officer will give you a red tag and you will need to contact a licensed contractor to repair your buildings electrical systems.

What happens if I pass the Commercial Electrical Evaluation?

A: If you pass, the Safety Codes Officer will give you a green tag and the RMWB will contact ATCO to re-energize your buildings electrical system.

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