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Natural Gas

 ATCO has completed repairs to their damaged infrastructure in the area impacted by the flood which means that regular natural gas service to customers has been restored in all areas where it has been deemed safe to do so. 

Returning residents outside of these areas should be prepared to be without gas while repairs to damaged infrastructure are underway. Customers are advised not to re-open closed valves at their natural gas meter as this will delay service restoration. It is especially important, given the COVID-19 situation, that customers keep their distance from ATCO crews so that they can focus on the work needed to service map restore service.

You can also access detailed information on those inside and outside the flood zone on ATCO’s website: https://www.atco.com/en-ca/about-us/stories/fort-mcmurray-floods.html

For service inquiries call 1-800-511-3447 (Gas).

Gas Appliance Message

ATCO Gas is requiring that properties in flood affected areas have a ticketed gasfitter inspect and certify that your gas powered appliances are safe to operate before they will restore gas service to the property

Gas fired appliances to consider include:

  • Furnaces
  • Water heaters
  • Gas ovens
  • Fire places
  • Some clothes dryers

The RMWB will be providing residents more guidance on repairs and replacements of gas fired appliances moving forward and will be available at rmwb.ca/utilities.

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