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Appeal Boards

Assessment Review Boards

The Assessment Review Boards are quasi-judicial boards. The Assessment Review Boards are established to hear appeals regarding assessment notices and tax notices (other than property tax) and make decisions on these appeals in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Government Act. Hearings can take place at any time throughout the year, however the majority are typically held during the months following the mailing of annual assessments. Hearings are currently held in the evenings and weekends on an as-needed basis.

Subdvision and Development

The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) is a Quasi-Judicial Board. Each municipality has an SDAB that hears appeals from individuals who have been affected by decisions of municipal development authorities. The SDAB makes decisions on these appeals in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Government Act, statutory plans (Municipal Development Plan, Area Structure Plans and Land-Use Bylaw), as well as Provincial and Council policies. SDAB decisions shape the community and affect the lives of developers, neighbours, citizens and businesses. It is important that the public have confidence in the quality of these decisions and the decision-making process.

Community Standards Appeal Committee (CSAC)

The Community Standards Appeal Committee (CSAC) is a Quasi-Judicial Committee; which means the meetings are conducted in a court like manner. CSAC is a Council Committee established to: hear and adjudicate appeals brought by any person who has received an order under section 545 or 546 of the Municipal Government Act or by section 5.02 (c) of the Municipality's Animal Control Bylaw No.02/031

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