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Campaign Contribution and Expense Disclosure

All filed Campaign Disclosure and Financial Statements and supporting documents are available for public viewing during regular business hours by contacting Legislative Services at 780-743-7001 or elections@rmwb.ca.

Campaign Contribution and Expense Disclosure

The Local Authorities Election Act requires campaign finance and contribution disclosure for all candidates running for municipal office and also governs candidate registration, campaign contributions, accounting obligations, surplus campaign funds, campaign funding limits and rules about who cannot contribute to a campaign.

Candidate Self-Funded Election Campaign

Any money up to and including $10,000 paid by the candidate out of the candidate’s own funds (self-funded) for the purposes of their election campaign is not considered a campaign contribution. If the candidate’s campaign is entirely self-funded, the candidate is not required to file a notice of intent to run, or open and deposit funds into a campaign account.

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