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Campaign Contribution and Expense Disclosure

Campaign Contribution and Expense Disclosure

The Local Authorities Election Act requires campaign finance and contribution disclosure for all candidates running for municipal office and also governs candidate registration, campaign contributions, accounting obligations, surplus campaign funds, campaign funding limits and rules about who cannot contribute to a campaign.

It is the candidate’s responsibility to read and understand the legislation or to seek appropriate legal or accounting advice from professionals as required. The candidate is responsible for ensuring that his or her campaign complies with all legislation. If you have additional questions, please contact the Municipal Services Branch of Municipal Affairs at (780-427-2225), toll-free in Alberta by dialing 310-0000 first, and ask to speak with a Municipal Advisor, who can assist you with your questions or direct you to the appropriate contact.

Prior to March 1, 2018, every candidate who did not completely self-fund his or her campaign up to the $10,000 maximum is required to file a Campaign Disclosure Statement and Financial Statement (Form 21). This form must be fully completed, originally signed, dated and filed in person no later than 4:30 p.m. on March 1, 2018 at:

Legislative Services
7th Floor, Jubilee Centre
9909 Franklin Avenue
Fort McMurray, AB T9H 2K4

If the candidate’s disclosure statement shows a surplus, the candidate must pay the surplus to the Municipality, to be held in trust at a financial institution. If the candidate files nomination papers in the next election or by-election, the money will be paid to the candidate for use in that election. A candidate who does not file nomination papers for the next general election must, within 6 months of that election, direct the Municipality to donate the money to a registered charity. Candidates are required to clear any deficit within the same time frame.

Candidate Self-Funded Election Campaign

Any money up to and including $10,000 paid by the candidate out of the candidate’s own funds (self-funded) for the purposes of their election campaign is not considered a campaign contribution. If the candidate’s campaign is entirely self-funded, the candidate is not required to file a notice of intent to run, or open and deposit funds into a campaign account.

If a candidate exclusively self-funds his/her campaign to the $10,000 maximum, a disclosure statement is not required; however, the Municipality will not have any way of knowing that you are self-funded unless the information is provided. In the absence of that information, the Municipality will report to a public Council meeting that the candidate failed to file a disclosure form. The Municipality has a Self –Funded Campaign Voluntary Statement form for self-funded candidates to file to avoid being considered in contravention of the Local Authorities Election Act.

A candidate who does not file the disclosure statement by the legislated deadline will be ineligible for nomination for any municipal election for a period of up to 8 years. Elected council members would be disqualified from council.

All disclosure statements and supporting documents are available for public viewing during regular business hours.

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