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Directory of Personal Information Banks

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, in accordance with section 87.1 of Alberta’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, is providing a directory of personal information banks (PIBs) in use. Personal information banks are any collections of personal information about individuals that are organized or retrievable by the name of the individual or by an identifying number, symbol or other particular assigned to an individual.

The PIB Directory lists the following for each personal information bank:

  • Name of the PIB
  • Name of the Department where the PIB is located
  • What types of personal information is maintained in the PIB
  • Who the PIB is about
  • Purpose for which the personal information is collected or used
  • Legal authority for collecting the personal information
  • Whether the personal information is in hard copy or electronic format (or both).

If you have questions about the PIB Directory or wish to view it in person at our office you may contact:

Ronald Pelletier, Manager
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Branch
7th Floor, Jubilee Centre
9909 Franklin Ave
Fort McMurray AB T9H 2K4
Phone: 780-743-7000
Email: ron.pelletier@rmwb.ca