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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Q. Do I have to make a FOIP request to obtain information from the Municipality?

  2. Q. If I make a FOIP request, will I get all of the information that I requested?

  3. Q. Is there a cost to make a formal FOIP request?

  4. Q. Are there additional fees charged after the initial fee?

  5. Q. What if I don't enclose the $25.00 initial fee required for submitting a formal FOIP request?

  6. Q. Do I have to tell the Municipality why I want the information?

  7. Q. What is personal information?

  8. Q. Do I have to give the Municipality my personal information?

  9. Q. What happens to personal information I submit to the Municipality?

  10. Q. Does the Municipality have to tell me what use they will make of my personal information?

  11. Q. What is the Alberta Information & Privacy Commissioner's role?

  12. Q. What are the principles or intent of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act?

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