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Waterfront Steering Committee

Archived Information

The information on this page is archived and is no longer being maintained. Archived information is provided for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes and has not been altered or updated since it was archived.

On June 24, 2014, Council passed a resolution to establish a Waterfront Steering Committee which would provide recommendations to Council with respect to the development of policies concerning land uses along the waterfront of the Clearwater River and the Snye. Following this, Council passed Bylaw No. 14/031 on July 8, 2014, for the purpose of creating an official directive for the Waterfront Steering Committee.

Meeting Agendas/Minutes/Audio

December 1, 2014:
[Agenda]   [Minutes]

November 19, 2014:
[Agenda]   [Minutes]

November 17, 2014:
[Agenda]   [Minutes]

November 12, 2014:
[Agenda]   [Minutes]

November 3, 2014:
[Agenda]   [Minutes]   [Audio]

October 27, 2014:
[Agenda]   [Minutes]   [Audio]

October 20, 2014:
[Agenda]   [Minutes]   [Audio]

October 15, 2014:
[Agenda]   [Minutes]   [Audio]

October 8, 2014:
[Agenda]   [Minutes]   [Audio]

October 6, 2014:
[Agenda]   [Minutes]   [Audio]

October 1, 2014:
[Agenda]   [Minutes]   [Audio]

September 29, 2014:
[Agenda]   [Minutes]   [Audio]

September 24, 2014:
[Agenda]   [Minutes]   [Audio]

September 22, 2014:
[Agenda]   [Minutes]   [Audio]

September 17, 2014:
[Agenda]   [Minutes]

September 15, 2014:
[Agenda]   [Minutes]   [Audio]

The Chair, Ian Dirom, and Vice Chair, Cathy Dreier, were appointed through Council’s Selection Committee process on August 26, 2014. Following this, the Chair appointed nine committee members on September 12, 2014, representing a number of different interest groups:

  • organizations with interests in commercial and residential development;
  • organizations who represent the interests of aboriginal peoples;
  • organizations representing cultural, heritage and historic interests; and
  • citizens at large.

After seeking broad public input on an appropriate range of permitted and discretionary uses of land within the waterfront of the Clearwater River and the Snye, the Committee will present its findings to Council by December 9, 2014.

Committee Mandate

The mandate of the Committee is:

  • to seek broad public input on an appropriate range of permitted and discretionary uses of those lands shown as the areas within the dotted lines on this map of the subject lands ; and
  • to present a written report to the Chief Legislative Officer no later than November 3, 2014 for inclusion as an Agenda Item and presentation by the Chair and Vice Chair at a Council Meeting no later than December 9, 2014, setting out:
    • the Committee’s consultation process and the views expressed by persons who responded to the Committee’s request for input, including any views contrary to the Committee’s recommendations; and
    • the Committee’s recommendations with respect to permitted and discretionary uses of the Waterfront Lands.

Contacting the Committee

You can reach the committee via email: waterfrontcommitteeymm@gmail.com.
On Facebook: www.facebook.com/waterfrontYMM
On Twitter: twitter.com/waterfrontYMM

Committee Meetings

The Committee meets Mondays and Wednesdays, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Members of the public are invited to attend as observers only.

Committee Members

Committee members and their areas of representation/interest are:

Ian Dirom

Cathy Dreier

Bryan Lutes
Commercial and Residential Development

Peter Fortna
Aboriginal Peoples

Carmen Ramstead
Cultural, Heritage and Historic Interests

Ron Fetzko
Recreational Use of the Clearwater River & Snye

Todd Hillier
Cultural, Heritage and Historic Interests

Debbie Hahn
Aboriginal Peoples

Cliff Maron
Commercial and Residential Development

Gene Ouellette
Interest group – Citizen at Large

The RMWB Administrative Lead is Ken Ball, Ken.Ball@woodbuffalo.ab.ca .

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