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Council Policies

Progress After the Audit

In the findings of the 2014 Accountability, Integrity and Transparency Audit, consulting firm KPMG identified areas that could be better-governed if specific Council policies or administrative procedures were in place. Since then, work has begun on a number of such policies and procedures, including two policies approved by Council May 12 (the Long Distance Commuting Arrangement Policy and the Gratuity Policy, available below). More Council-approved policies will appear here as they are approved.

Whistleblower Policy (LEG 150)  [Download]

[Effective Jan. 1, 2016]

The policy is to further the Municipality's core principles of accountability, integrity, transparency and ethical behaviour on the part of all municipal employees and elected officials, by empowering and directing Administration to create and maintain Administrative procedures

Exempt Performance Management Policy (HRM 550)  [Download]

[Effective May 26, 2015]

This policy, along with Exempt Performance Management Administrative Procedure (HRM 550), provides guidelines for evaluating and measuring the individual performances of the municipality's non-union full-time and part-time employees. Performance management ensures that employees understand how their work contributes to the Municipality’s development, strategic and departmental business plans while receiving the necessary feedback to be successful in their current roles and to achieve their full career potential.

Note: This policy was recommended in section 2.4 of the Accountability, Integrity and Transparency Audit.

Learning, Development and Training Policy (HRM 540)  [Download]

[Effective May 26, 2015]

This policy provides direction for learning, development and training activities within the Municipality and establishes consistent practices upon which to base decisions regarding learning, development and training opportunities for permanent employees.

Note: This policy was recommended in section 2.6 of the Accountability, Integrity and Transparency Audit.

Gratuity Policy (FIN 230)  [Download]

[Effective May 26, 2015]

This policy provides a framework for consistent approach to situations when an individual, a community group or an institution might be offered a nominal payment in recognition of free services rendered to the Municipality. (The Municipality considers these types of payments a gratuity, as opposed to fee for service, volunteer appreciation, prize money, sponsorship and reimbursement of travel expenses related to services provided to the municipality.)

Note: This policy was recommended in section 4.1 of the Accountability, Integrity and Transparency Audit.

Taxable Benefits Policy (FIN 250)  [Download]

[Effective March 10, 2015]

This policy requires taxable benefits to be identified and reported to the Canada Revenue Agency in accordance with the Income Tax Act of Canada and provides a framework within which the Chief Administrative Officer can establish and administer guidelines and procedures to ensure that taxable benefits are identified, assessed, calculated, monitored and reported in a consistent and systematic manner.

Note: This policy was recommended in section 6.3 of the Accountability, Integrity and Transparency Audit.

Municipal Public Art Policy (PRL 160)  [Download]

[Effective Jan. 1, 2015]

The policy provides a framework for developing a dynamic collection of public art that celebrates Wood Buffalo’s culture, history, and people, while enhancing the visual and aesthetic impact of the region.

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