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Sheldon Germain - Ward 1

Councillor Sheldon Germain

“I entered the political arena as a means of giving back to the place I have called home and to make it a better place to live.” True to his word, Sheldon Germain has been very involved in giving back to this community for many years now. He moved to Fort McMurray in 1974, attended local schools and eventually became a teacher.

Now a Vice Principal at Holy Trinity, as well as a former Keyano College student and instructor, Sheldon still approaches life with an open mind and always tries to tackle issues with a creative approach. “My first response is never ‘no’ and I am always willing to listen. Listening is the key to solving problems.”

Only 26 years old when he first took on the Ward 1 advocacy in 1998, Sheldon was the youngest Councillor ever elected to Council. Today he still works hard to create opportunity in order to lure newcomers into becoming longtime regional residents. He believes that if you provide great opportunities to families they will want to stay and contribute to the community. “Hopefully their children will grow up in Fort McMurray and choose to stay. The unique challenge we have is in helping those who move here to become more attached to the community and become proud to call Fort McMurray home. After all, calling a city ‘home’ means more than just having it as a return address.”

Sheldon also values core beautification, new recreation facilities, and a fair tax structure that allows the Municipality the resources to deliver on the expectations of the community. “I feel we should be closing the gap in the areas of recreation, culture and the arts in this community. And Council must make some hard decisions that may not be popular, but that have a lasting, long-term benefit for the community. I believe that our community has what it takes to succeed.”

Married to another teacher, he and his wife, Gerarda, are the parents of three:  Anya and twins Drew and Ellie. When he takes a breather, Sheldon loves spending time with his children and is also involved in hockey, basketball, volleyball, and water-skiing. Sheldon has the all-time high number of coaching victories in Keyano College history (2000-2004) and is proud to be on the College’s Wall of Fame with his team.

Councillor Germain is appointed to the following Council Committees:

  • Audit Committee
  • Oversight Committee
Contact Councillor Sheldon Germain
T: 780-743-7011
C: 780-381-9130

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