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Strategic Plan: Summary
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#2. Building Balanced Regional Services

Goal: To deliver high quality and well-planned services to our residents.

By re-focusing attention to core services, as outlined in the Municipal Government Act, and by clearly defining service standards, the Municipality will strengthen service delivery to all residents and businesses within the Region. Our core services are:

Roadways, streets and sidewalks • Flood protection • Police, fire and emergency services Public transit • Solid waste • Water • Sanitary and storm drainage • Bylaw enforcement Parks and recreation • Cemeteries • Planning and development


  • Strengthen regional service delivery quality.
  • Strengthen service delivery monitoring practices.
  • Implement, improve and maintain core service infrastructure.

Projects to be completed by 2017

  • Updated Master plans for water and wastewater.
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) established, measured and publicly reported.
  • Long-term plan for developing and maintaining infrastructure for core services.
  • The following infrastructure projects will be completed:
    • Fort Chipewyan Water Treatment Plant Upgrade.
    • Parsons Creek water supply from Water Treatment Plant (WTP) to Parsons Creek reservoir.
    • Flood mitigation plan.
    • Saline Creek water main, from Hardin Street to King Street booster station.
    • Janvier sewage lagoon upgrade.
    • Anzac Fire Hall built.
    • Anzac waste water treatment plant and effluent pipeline construction.
    • Confederation Way sanitary sewer bypass.
    • Beacon Hill outfall, water supply and pipeline upgrades.
    • Southwest Water line.
    • Fort McKay Fire Hall.

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