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Strategic Plan: Summary
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#3. Building a Vibrant Economy Together

Goal: To systematically collaborate with local businesses, residents and industry to encourage creation of a viable and sustainable marketplace.

Working together with residents, business, the Province and industry, the Municipality supports programming, policy, and a fiscal environment to encourage and grow business and industry. Specifically, the Municipality will help address the lack of affordable retail and commercial space. The downtown will be revitalized through a balanced mix of improvements that reflect our focus on the whole Region.


  • Increase collaboration with the oil sands industry to understand growth trends, as well as corporate and employee needs.
  • Increase the presence of businesses in the Region to create a balanced economic model.
  • Leverage local economic conditions for high and low pricing.
  • Increase opportunities for local businesses in urban and rural areas.
  • Enhance local workforce residency.
  • Improve business intelligence gathering and use.

Projects to be completed by 2017

  • Municipality-wide Entrepreneurship Program.
  • Facilitation of commercial development including:
    • Approved design, development and build-out of the Athabasca Power Centre site.
    • Initial development of Prairie Creek Business Park.
    • Initial development of Parson Creek town centre site.
    • Initial development of Saline Creek commercial development site.
    • South side Highway 69 industrial.

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