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#6. Building a Sustainable Region

Goal: To value our environment as our natural, community and economic foundation.

The Municipality is committed to its role as a steward of sustainable practice. Together, we will strengthen our image as a responsible government by making balanced decisions with respect to the environment, local community and economy. Our successes in this area will be shared by all.


  • Implement a business model to provide sustainable water, waste water and other related utilities.
  • Protect the natural environment.
  • Reduce and enable the reduction of carbon footprint in the region by maintaining carbon neutral level or better.
  • Reduce landfill waste.

Projects to be completed by 2017

  • Implement sustainability programs for homeowners including:
    • Retrofit rebates for home-based water conservation.
  • Improve infrastructure including:
    • Commissioning and operating an industrial-scale compost facility at the landfill.
    • Enhancements to and optimization of material recovery facility (MRF). - An enhanced landfill gas management system on the old landfill site. - Phase 1 of Zero Waste Initiative.
    • Implemented effluent re-use in industrial applications.
  • Utility Corporation will be operational.

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