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Advisory Committee on Aging

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Age-friendly Needs Assessment

The Age-Friendly Needs Assessment asked residents and organizations in both urban and rural areas to rate their satisfaction with the World Health Organization’s eight domains of community life in the region. Based on these ratings, the report was able to highlight the areas of greatest need for seniors in our community.

Expense Reports

Committee Expenses: 2016

Committee Expenses: 2015

2017 Expenses

Expense Amount
Business Travel: Grey Matters and ASCHA Conference
(travel, room, food, registration)


Member & Registration Fees:
Alberta Seniors Communities and Housing and Association


Advertisement/Promotion 1,665.00
Room Rental: Senior engagement for Needs Assessment at Shell Place 50.00
Special Program Supplies: Cost of Needs Assessment (HeadWater), Safety Codes book 40,560.07
Community Events: Trade Show 1,625.00
Internal Services – Cost of parking signs 200.00

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The Committee’s mandate is to gather public input and make strategic recommendations to Council regarding service delivery for seniors. In late 2015, the ACOA and its partner agencies hosted a series of engagements to capture public input towards the Committee’s vision of Aging with Dignity in Wood Buffalo.

In addition to public engagement, the ACOA has, with Council approval, applied to the World Health Organization and began working toward the requirements for designation as an Age Friendly Community.

Aging affects everyone. We look forward to hearing from you about Aging with Dignity in Wood Buffalo.

Committee Members

Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Councillor:
Verna Murphy

Rural Representative:
Linda Mywaart (Chair)

Urban Representative:
Ralph Gould

Golden Years Society:
Joan Furber

Wood Buffalo Health Advisory Council:
Bonnah Carey

Wood Buffalo Seniors Resource Committee:
Pam Burns

Wood Buffalo Housing and Development Corporation:
Henry Hunter (Vice Chair)

Past Members

  • Lance Bussieres, former Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Councillor
  • Paul McWilliams, former Wood Buffalo Health Advisory Council representative
  • Scott Garner, former Wood Buffalo Housing and Development Corporation representative
  • Bryan Lutes, former Wood Buffalo Housing and Development Corporation representative
  • Dave Hodson, former Chair, Senior at Large (Urban)
  • Karen MacMillian, former Wood Buffalo Senior Resource Committee representative

Committee Responsibilities

  • To provide a forum for stakeholder input on strategies and service delivery issues affecting seniors
  • To deal with matters referred to it by Council
  • To make recommendations to Council
  • To lead the RMWB in becoming an Age Friendly Community according to the World Health Organization

Time Requirements

  • The Committee will meet at the call of the Chair
  • Meetings are currently held every second Thursday of each month from 1 – 4 p.m.
  • Committee members will be required at promotional or engagement type functions
  • The time commitment is seven to 10 hours per month, including meetings, engagements and email responses


  • Must be 18 years of age; and
  • Must be a resident of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Further information about the Advisory Committee on Aging may be obtained by contacting Steve Andrejiw, Project Lead, Age Friendly Communities, Neighborhood and Community Development at steve.andrejiw@rmwb.ca, by emailing acoa@rmwb.ca or calling the office at 780-792-5511.