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RMWB Combative Sports: File Library


File Last Update Details
RMWBCSC_Policy-01 04/2018 #1: General Finance Policy
RMWBCSC_Policy-02 04/2018 #2: Travel, Expenses and Payment for Officials Policy
RMWBCSC_Policy-03 04/2018 #3: Uniform Policy


Downloadable Forms

File Last Update Details
RMWBCSC_ContestantApplication 03/2016 Contestant's Licence Application Form
RMWBCSC_EventApplication 13/2017 Event Permit Application Form
RMWBCSC_OfficialsApplication 03/2016 Officials' Licence Application Form
RMWBCSC_PromoterApplication 12/2016 Promoter's Licence Application Form
RMWBCSC_SecondsApplication 03/2016 Second's Licence Application Form
RMWBCSC_PromoterChecklist 03/2017
Promoter Checklist

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