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Business Plan on a page : Assessment and Taxation


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Municipal Non-Residential Property Property Rates (2007-2016)

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Municipal Residential Property Property Rates (2007-2016)

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Urban Non-Residential Property Tax (gross) Cost Comparison per Square Foot (2012-2015)

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Urban Residential Property Tax (gross) Cost Comparison per Square Foot (2012-2015)


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Is responsible for the classification and valuation of all property classes within the municipality. The department is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the fair and equitable distribution of taxes in accordance with provincially legislated standards. The department must conduct its business in an open, honest and transparent manner, which demonstrates accountability to the rate payers. The department is also responsible for defending all assessment appeals and rationalizing all values aligned to individual properties.

Department Key Services


  • Mandated by provincial legislation to fairly and equitably assess all property value within the municipality at market value or regulated cost on an annual basis.
  • Serves as a key information resource for the Mayor, Council, senior leadership and RMWB departments.


  • Responsible for annual tax billing and monitoring the collection of property taxes.
  • Serves as a key resource in the development of key municipal taxation strategies as well as being a source of information.

Strategic/Council Initiatives

Goal 1: Building a Responsible Government

Objective: Ensure consistency and continuity of RMWB policies and procedures as they relate to Assessment and Taxation.
Strategic Initiative: Key corporate policies related to assessment and taxation identified. KPMG recommended taxation and assessment policies and procedures created and implemented.
Objective: Strengthen organizational capacity to plan, self-assess and report.
Strategic Initiative: Improve the use of business information systems – CAMA review.
Objective: Implement business delivery modes that enhance customer service for residents throughout the Region.
Strategic Initiative: Improve awareness of and access to Assessment and Taxation services through updating website and mobile applications.

Achievements (Aug 2015 – Sept 2016)

  • Passed Provincial audit and declared assessment role
  • Mailed assessment notices on time
  • Passed 2016 Tax Rate Bylaw
  • Implemented APEX software to improve efficiencies in workflow
  • Implemented update to Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) software
  • Implemented Pictometry into property inspection process
  • Integrated building permits into the Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal system
  • Added $7 billion in assessed value to the assessment role
  • All staff attended Respectful Workplace training

Major Business Initiatives (2017)

  • Coordinate with other internal departments in the creation of online service portal for ratepayers
  • Review of CAMA system (Assessment & Taxation Software) 
  • Documentation of procedures 
  • Implement more efficient manner of doing business utilizing Pictometry and GIS
  • Complete Asset Provincial Audit
  • Reduce landfill waste through less use of paper
  • Support culture and employees wellness initiatives

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