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Business Plan on a Page : Municipal Law Enforcement, RCMP Support and RCMP


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Front Counter Stats Jan. — July 2016

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Number of Impaired Driving Charges in 2015

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Victim Services Unit (VSU) Comparison 2015 — 2016

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Winter Maintenance Zones: Number of Tows

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Winter Maintenance Zones: Number of Violations

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Youth Interaction/Education Presentations with Police 2015 — 2016


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Provides administrative support to both the Municipal Law Enforcement Officers as well as the RCMP Officers. The Municipal Law Enforcement branch contributes to the overall safety and well-being of the community and its residents. The RCMP under contract to the Municipality, as the Police of Jurisdiction, is responsible for the preservation of peace, protection of life and property, prevention of crime and offences against the laws of Canada and the laws in force in the Province.

Department Key Services

  • Municipal Law Enforcement
    • Education
    • Request for compliance
    • Enforcement
  • RCMP
    • General Policing/Patrol Services
    • Community Policing
    • Investigation Services
    • Administration/Support
  • Support Services
    • Customer Service
    • Stakeholder Relations
    • Internal/RCMP/MLE Support
    • Support for victims
    • Corporate Security Services

Strategic/Council Initiatives

Goal 1: Building a Responsible Government

Objective: Implement business delivery modes that enhance customer service for residents throughout the Region.
Strategic Initiative:
  • Improve awareness of and access to Municipal Law Enforcement and RCMP services through an enhanced website and mobile application
Objective: Strengthen a positive work environment of trust and respect.

Goal 2: Building Balanced Regional Services

Objective: Strengthen regional service delivery quality.
Strategic Initiative:
  • Contribute to community safety.

Achievements (Aug 2015 – Sept 2016)

  • Assisted with evacuation 80,000 residents, rescued 1,232 pets and fed 225 pets in place during wild fire event
  • Introduced corporate security framework
  • Suppressed downtown violence
  • Introduced the security risk assessment process for Municipal buildings
  • Negotiations with First Nation and Métis Nation Relations (FNMNR) for animal care and control
  • Updated website to reflect full scope of services
  • Amalgamation of victim services with RCMP Support Services Branch
  • Acquired RCMP youth liaison officers and mental health stakeholder relations officer
  • Introduced coaching program for new recruits and an in-house training program
  • Assisted with the winter street maintenance program

Major Business Initiatives (2017)

  • Introduce corporate security
  • The victim services unit to collaborate with other external stakeholders within the community and other areas
  • Review the physical design of the front counter space to improve customer service
  • Streamline and enhance service to all victims of crime and build the volunteer advocate base
  • Contribute to safe roads, reduce the impact of drug related issue in the community and reduce property crime
  • Promote healthy employee engagement
  • Enhance professional development opportunities

WMZones: Subzones 3 & 4 are active Dec. 10 - 14. Follow us here for regular updates.