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Art Calls


Word on the Street

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo seeks original poems, written by local residents, for a temporary art project called Word on the Street.
All community members are welcome to submit a poem.  Selected poems will be installed onto local sidewalks and walkways using a temporary paint that appears when the surface is wet. 

Deadline for Submission:2:00 pm (MST), Wednesday, January 29

Installation Date: May 2020

All inquiries can be directed to:
Pulse Line
We thank all candidates for their interest and submissions to this call. Only qualifying submissions will be contacted.

Project Intent

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) intends to solicit poems from local residents.  A volunteer panel of community stakeholders will select 12 poems to be painted on sidewalks and walkways throughout the region, using a substance called RainWorks.  Using RainWorks creates a finished product that is only visible when exposed to water. 

Artwork Design Parameters

The artwork must adhere to the following design parameters:

  • Poems must be free of profanity or discriminatory language;
  • Poems must appeal to a wide, culturally diverse audience and be suitable for all ages, based on input from the volunteer panel of community stakeholders;
  • Poems must have a maximum word-count of 25 words and must not exceed this length;
  • Poems must be written in English;
  • Poems must be original;
  • Poems must be written by local residents;
  • Residents may submit one poem per site;
  • Submissions are welcome from all resident of the region, including the rural communities;
  • Submissions are welcome and encouraged from all ages;
  • Poems will be anonymous during the selection process, though the poet name will be included at the installation site if selected (if desired);
  • Poems must be submitted as the poet intends it to appear in public; and
  • Photos of the poems may be posted for temporary display in the MacDonald Island Park concourse.


The compensation is $250 per selected poem.  Selected poets and the community at large will be invited to the unveiling ceremony.


This project is open to all residents in the region.

Selection panel criteria

A selection panel comprised of local volunteers and community members will review submissions based on overall appeal and suitability for the locations.   

Competition Entry Requirements

Residents must adhere to the following guidelines to meet eligibility.

  • Submissions must be emailed to: pulse@rmwb.ca
  • Submissions must include poet name (the name will be removed during the selection process to ensure anonymity)
  • Submissions must include poet email address and phone number
  • If the entry is intended for a specific location (from the sites listed in this call), please indicate the preferred site along with the poem.


The information on this application is being collected under the authority of Section 33(c) of the FOIP Act and will be used by the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo to determine eligibility for the Word on the Street project. The aggregate data may be used for program planning and evaluation. All information collected by the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is protected by the provisions of the FOIP Act. You may direct questions about the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information by this project to the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo at 780.792.5968

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