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Art in Motion

2018: A Year in Review!

Art in Motion is now accepting submissions for the next installation: 2018: A Year in Review. Submit Here

It’s show and tell time! Art in Motion is seeking submissions from local residents in the form of artwork, handicrafts, memorabilia, collectibles, and/or photos that summarize your 2018. Did you achieve a milestone? Did you attend a fun event? Showcase your interpretation of β€œ2018: A Year in Review” for a chance to have your items displayed in Art in Motion at McMurray Experience for the month of December. 

Submission Deadline: November 25, 2018

Art in Motion is a unique opportunity for local artists and residents to display and showcase their work and/or collections. Submissions may be in the form of paintings, sculptures, memorabilia, photographs, anything that artistically expresses an individuals' interpretation of the exhibition's theme.

The gallery space is kinetic. This dynamic, moving space is automated and rotates artwork in a ferris wheel-style motion. Information about the items exhibited in Art in Motion, as well as the contributor, is shown on a touch-screen panel as the item rotates through the kinetic display. 

Community members will have an opportunity to:

  • Exhibit their artwork and/or collections in a dedicated space for a scheduled period of time
  • Establish/promote a profiles within the community/creatively share and display personal memorabilia and artifacts 
  • Gain valuable exposure to tourists, visitors and local residents

This opportunity is open, but not limited to, both emerging and established artists, community groups, schools and individuals.

Next Theme:  2018: A Year in Review

Art in Motion is now accepting submissions for the next installation: 2018: A Year in review. Submit Here

Enhancement to the Community

This exhibit space creates an added element within McMurray Experience for citizens and visitors alike to interact socially around a work that sparks conversation. It allows for people to share work and be inspired by our thriving arts and culture community.


Exhibits will rotate monthly and themes will be announced as they open for submissions.

Selected participants/groups will produce or submit work that expresses their interpretation of the theme.

Art in Motion Private Installation Application 

Criteria to Submit

Each submission (2D and 3D) must follow these guidelines:

  • Applicant must be a resident of Wood Buffalo
  • Must be the original work of the applicant, or they have all rights to the work
  • Weigh a maximum of 32 kilograms (70 pounds)
  • Dimensions maximum: 3D- 18"W x 20"H x 18"L; 2D- 20"H x 19"W (including frame)
  • Does not include any substances listed on the art exclusions list below
  • Each submission must be labeled on the back with title, medium and the name of the artist/owner.
  • While there is no limit to how many pieces you can submit, only two pieces per applicant will be selected per theme. *Exceptions may apply.

Exclusions List

We cannot accept works that require or contain:

  • Liquids (example: water)
  • Living items (example: plants)
  • Electricity or batteries
  • Combustible material


WMZones and all subzones are active Nov. 19 - 23. Follow us here for regular updates.