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Thank you for attending igNIGHT! From October 20 to 29, four art installations by local artists transformed downtown Fort McMurray to celebrate Canadian culture in recognition of Canada’s 150th anniversary.


Past igNIGHT Gallery


Who Goes There? by Claire Antoine
Jubilee Plaza

“Who Goes There?” celebrates Canadian nature and wildlife, while serving as a cautionary tale. The installation will depict three animals closely tied to the Canadian landscape: the moose, wolf and beaver. There will be two versions of each animal, one that is whole and the other that is hollow. While the former is meant to celebrate these beautiful creatures, the latter reminds us to care and conserve our environment so they do not disappear.

Home, Sweet Home by Liana Wheeldon and Erin Stinson
Jubilee Plaza

The beaver has been Canada’s official animal since 1975, although it has held cultural and historical significance for much longer. All across Canada, in a variety of landscapes, beavers build their lodges and dams – marvellous environmental engineers!

Utilizing Canada’s beloved symbol, the beaver, in our installation, speaks to Canadian culture, our vast natural landscape, and our people.

Beavers are industrious creatures that believe in community: mating for life, staying with the same community of beavers for years, keeping their young with them, and providing shelter for many different creatures during the winter season. This community of teamwork and sharing echoes some of the values that represent Canada, our Home Sweet Home.

Shades of Seven by Kritsana Naowakhun
Jubilee Plaza

“Shades of Seven” celebrates Canada’s multiculturalism. The installation consists of identical portraits with different backgrounds. Each portrait represents a person from one of the seven continents. While the design of each portrait is different, the viewer will notice that the faces are the same, which speaks to the notion that underneath our diverse backgrounds and beliefs, we are all part of one human race.

“Shades of Seven” symbolizes all the people from around the world that choose to call Canada, and Wood Buffalo, home.

Snapshots of Canada by Wood Buffalo Photography Club
McMurray Experience

The Wood Buffalo Photography Club is excited for the opportunity to showcase some of our favourite photographs. With Canada 150 being the theme of igNIGHT, our members will be able to share photos captured from all across Canada whether the photo location be from the hometown of the member or captured on travels across the country. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to show the public different parts of our beautiful country that they themselves, may have yet to see.


igNIGHT is a temporary public art exhibition that aims to encourage public art initiatives in ways that engage the interest and imagination of the general public. This exhibition aspires to collaborate with the local arts community to produce an annual event unique to Wood Buffalo using illuminated public art pieces at the heart of the exhibition.


The goal is to re-imagine, remake, and invigorate public spaces.


To create a unique experience that reinforces community pride and re-imagines public spaces through an annual temporary public art exhibition.


Community Strategies Branch

WMZ Subzones 1 & 2 are active: Jan. 21 - 25. Follow us here for regular updates.