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Graffiti Abatement Mural Project

The first four pictures feature the finished mural by Wil Yee. To see more progression images please scroll down and you will see how the project developed.

Above: Wil Yee stands in the center of his completed mural

Above: The left hand side of the mural

Above: the center section of the mural

Above: the right hand section of the mural

Below are progression images of the Mural being created at Composite High School between May 15 - May 28th, 2012

May 19th, 2012 Images Below

03 Wil painting
Above: Wil directs the volunteer on how high he would like the blue paint to go

04 Wil painting
Above: View of Wil painting, from the ground looking up

01 Wil painting
Above: Wil on the scaffolding

01 volunteer
Above: A volunteer works on the water section

Above: Another volunteers works on the water section

02 Wil painting
Above: Progress on the mural near the end of the day Saturday May 19th, 2012

Below: Then at the end of the day the crew got to experience a full on double rainbow, they pondered if it might even become a triple rainbow.
full on double rainbow

May 22nd, 2012 Images Below

Above: Left Section of the wall


Above: Middle section of the wall (features the phrase' Miner Pride') 


Above: Right section (features the buffalo)

Above: close up of 'miner Molly' section

Above: Close up of the left section - looking to the right

Above: Close up of the 'miner' section
Above: Detail work on the 'miner' lettering

May 28, 2012
Above image: Almost finished. You can just see a little bit of the original brown wall showing
through on the right hand side, this is where the 'buffalo critter' will be.

Above image: The word pride from 'Miner Pride' looking complete

Above image: A small section of the canoe close up complete with detailing and texture.