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Graffiti Abatement Mural Project

Image taken from:http://www.wilyee.com/

Proposal Details and Description:

Wil Yee submitting the following proposals showing the approximate layout and design concept as it would appear on the designated mural location. He plans to re-imagine and create dynamic and attractive designs rich in color, patterns and texture. Some thematic imagery will be incorporated as well relative to nature, the local environment, and some historical references intending to create visual dialogue and curiosity. 


Mural Details: Wil has illustrated a mural filled with re-imagined references to Fort McMurray lore

  • re-imagined wood buffalo references the Wood Buffalo Municipality
  • the spirit of Composite High School Miners are represented by the pick axe on the birch bark canoe and the Mike and Molly characters who occupy the canoe
  • he has included traditional designs on the canoe, the buffalo etc. as a nod to the spirit of the First Nations People
  • the local landscape and winding Athabasca River make their presence known, as well as local wildlife and the beautiful aurora borealis !!
  • the mural will be produced traditionally with water-based, acrylic enamel, non aerosol paints 
Sketch of proposal

The image above is a draft sketch that captures Wil's description visually. This is a work in process and as such the final product may evolve as Wil works on the wall.


Wil is incorporating a new design direction in this proposal sample by infusing affects achieved through the computer into his painting, consequently infusing those results back into the computer design process. The textures, vibrations and movement are transformed and provide rugged dynamics to go along with a rugged mammal of Alberta. Wil employed bold graphic styles in this design to emphasize strong movements of color and speed. The linear movement of the shapes contrast each other enhancing the effect of the elements of nature to produce an interesting street-art influenced effect.

For more information about this project please call: 780.788.4349