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Public Art


Public Art Selection Panel

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Map: Thickwood sidewalk expansion phases

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The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is dedicated to developing a public art program what will strengthen a sense of place and belonging for its residents while attracting and creating lasting memories for its visitors.

The Municipal Development Plan, a guiding document that outlines a strategic path forward to manage growth in Wood Buffalo, recognizes the importance of supporting the Region’s cultural development. The plan states "... Public art policies and programs can guide the funding and development of public art that is relevant to the region, engaging and interactive, and enriches the quality of public space for all. The Municipality will incorporate public art in public spaces and public sector developments, while also encouraging public art contributions to be part of large private-sector developments." [See Direction 5.2.2, Encourage Public Art Initiatives.]

Public Art Policy

Public art matters in Wood Buffalo, so much so, that recognizing its intrinsic value, Council approved the Municipal Public Art Policy on July 9, 2014. The policy states that the Municipal Public Art Program will develop a dynamic collection of art that celebrates Wood Buffalo’s culture, history, and people, while enhancing the visual and aesthetic impact of the region.

Public Art Guidelines

The Municipal Public Art Guidelines set standards for the acquisition, collection management, maintenance and conservation of public art. The intention is to help develop a plan that will create a cultural legacy for the Municipality as population, communities and infrastructure grow. These guidelines are generally used as internal directives for municipal departments.

For more information about Public Art in Wood Buffalo contact:

Community Services Department
Community Strategies Branch
Jubilee Centre
9909 Franklin Avenue, Fort McMurray, T9H 2K4
Phone: 780-743-7966

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