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Wood Buffalo Sport Connection

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Fort McMurray & Wood Buffalo Sport Strategic Plan
(as presented to Council by Fort McMurray Tourism on April 12, 2016)

Successful sport development depends largely on effective partnerships and networking with a wide range of community groups, service providers, facility operators, national and provincial governing bodies, local authorities and volunteer groups.

It has been determined that there is a need for greater collaboration, engagement and communication between members of the sport community. Additionally there is a strong will to improve the current state of “sport development" programs and “sport for development" outcomes through a more community-driven and strategic approach.

Municipal Council approved the creation of the Wood Buffalo Sport Connection, a governing body that facilitates a coordinated approach or leadership between sport organizations and stakeholders in our community on Dec. 6, 2016.  The Wood Buffalo Sport Connection will be the one point of contact for all sport organizations in our community to address these issues and advance positive outcomes.

The Vision

To be a provincial leader in sport with a coordinated and adaptive system that promotes sport excellence and fosters opportunities for lifelong sport participation for all residents.

The Mission

To enhance “sport development" programs and accelerate “sport for development" outcomes within the RMWB.
  • Sport Development: Non-profit sport, recreation activities, and high performance, physical literacy and/or active participation efforts operating within the Wood Buffalo region.
  • Sport for Development: Sport for the purpose of personal and physical development within the Wood Buffalo region.

What is the role of the WBSC?

  • Advocacy – To serve as a point of consultation between Sport Organizations, RMWB
  • Administration and facility operators. The WBSC will collaborate on behalf of local sport associations seeking to increase membership or address concerns impacting sport development in our region.
  • Alignment – Will be in alignment with all relevant municipal, provincial and national policies, initiatives and activities related to the continuum of life-long participation and achievement of excellence for all residents.
  • Accessibility – To provide a region and environment that is equally accessible to a range of sport motivations, interests and abilities.
  • Excellence – To increase and impact competitive excellence and create positive results in an amateur (non-professional) setting.
  • Innovation – To respond to changes and trends, keeping our sport community current.

Who will the WBSC impact?

  • Athletes: Increase opportunity for participation in sport, further the quality of sport development and sport opportunities, greater access to and the potential development of facilities and coaching.
  • Coaches: Recruitment and retention of instructors at all levels through increased/additional training, development, mentorship and recognition opportunities.
  • Officials: Increased certification and training opportunities, mentorship for youth, funding support, a commitment to positive athlete experience.
  • Volunteers: Attraction, recruitment, retention, recognition, meaningful roles to help with the development and production of sport.

What will it look like?

  • Increased communication between organizations, facility operators, parents/guardians and the general public
  • Multi-level funding coordination that responds to the needs of the organizations and individuals in the system
  • Partnerships and collaboration across sport sectors to increase engagement and drive innovation
  • Providing accessible infrastructure that is affordable, available, responsively developed, physically accessible and maintained
  • Development of a complete marketing and communications strategy to increase participation
  • Support and encouragement for the hosting of games, championships and tournaments
  • Growth and development of both the capacity and the level of success of athletes across organizations in our community

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