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Business Plan on a Page : Economic Development


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Executive in Residence Participant Mix, 2016

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Wood Buffalo Business Recovery Hotline 2015

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RMWB Population

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Social Media Followers Sept. 2015 - Aug. 2016

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Urban Market Vendor Mix, 2015-2016

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Facilitates the development and implementation of the Region’s economic development strategies while striving to be responsive to the economic interests and needs of residents, enterprises, organizations, and communities throughout the Municipality. The department supports the creation of a sustainable and diverse business environment through innovative business attraction, development and retention strategies that support a growing and developing region while promoting the Municipality as a great place to live, work, visit and invest.

Department Key Services

  • Support Regional Entrepreneurship
  • Investor & Developer Attraction
  • Support Business Retention and Expansion
  • Regional Economic Information Reporting
  • Support Rural Economic Development

Strategic/Council Initiatives

Goal 3: Building a Vibrant Economy Together

Objective: Recover and sustain local businesses in the Region.
Strategic Initiatives:
  • Increase business space by encouraging commercial, industrial and mixed use developments throughout the Region
  • Development of a National Marketing campaign
  • Marketing Plan
Objective: Enhance new opportunities and diversification for local businesses
Strategic Initiatives:
  • Increase opportunities for local business to thrive by facilitating a supportive environment
  • Advance Business Accelerator Program
  • Executive in Residence Program
Objective: Improve business intelligence gathering and use
Strategic Initiative:
  • Create and maintain shared business intelligence library for Economic Development

Achievements (Aug 2015 – Sept 2016)

  • Business and Economic Recovery Plan Council approved and implemented through:
    • Launch of the Wood Buffalo Business Recovery Hotline
    • Completion of the Business Needs Survey
    • Supported Red Cross on Phase small business funding
    • Opened Back to Business Resource Centre
    • Hosted YMM Home Show
    • Conducted business ‘welcome walks’
  • Established an Executive in Residence to mentor businesses
  • Initiated 2018 Winter Games Economic Impact Assessment
  • Hosted Events & Programming: Urban Market, Economic Summit, YMM Home Show, Business Support Network and Marketing Education Sessions

Major Business Initiatives (2017)

  • Implementation of Business and Economic Recovery Plan
    • Continue to support Red Cross with Phase 2 and 3 small business funding
    • Conduct Economic Impact Assessment
    • Host YMM Builder Fair
    • Develop 2017-2022 Regional Economic Development Strategy in 2017
    • Conduct 2017 National Marketing Plan for Investor/Developer Attraction
  • Update Commercial and Industrial Land Use Study (CILUS)
  • Initiate Market Analysis
  • Re-establish Rural Economic Programming
  • Update Economic Development Profile
  • Create Business startup guide
  • Support culture and employee wellness initiatives

WMZones and all subzones are active Nov. 13 - 16. Follow us here for regular updates.