Emergency Preparedness
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Preparing for an Emergency


Winter Storms: Be Prepared

Emergency Guide

Emergency Guide Cover

Produced in partnership with ATCO, the Emergency Guide is a quick reference to tips and resources that will help you and your family plan for an emergency within the Regional Municipality.

Emergencies and disasters can occur anytime, anywhere. Some are seasonal and allow time for preparation; others occur swiftly and without warning. Individuals and families need to be prepared to cope with interruptions in essential services from any cause at any time for a minimum of 72 hours.

Knowing the different types of risks that surround us and how to react when emergencies hit, can drastically reduce their affect on you and your family.  Having a plan for different types of emergencies will help you and your family get through as safe and unaffected as possible. A key element in any emergency plan is having a well prepared 72 hour Emergency Kit, the links below will help you to create both an Emergency Plan and Kit.

Know the Risks. Make a Plan. Get a Kit.

You can use the links below to help prepare your family for emergencies:

WMZones: Subzones 3 & 4 are active Dec. 17 - 21. Follow us here for regular updates.