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Fire Drills / Evacuation Procedures

Fire drills are critical for ensuring the safety of the staff, students, residents and clientele that enter your business, building or property.  Practicing scheduled fire drills will help ensure individuals have the knowledge to safety escape a fire without injuring themselves or others.

The Alberta Fire Code suggests that fire drills are conducted by the person that is responsible for the building.   It is also required that fire drills are held at intervals no greater than every 12 months (once a year), with the following exceptions

  • Day-care centres and major occupancies – one fire drill per month
  • Elementary schools and high schools – at least three fire drills per school term (spring and fall), totaling six fire drills per school year.

 Use the Fire Drill Report Template to record the results of your fire drill.

Pre-Fire Drill Procedures

To be conducted by supervisory staff or maintenance personnel.

1. Contact the fire alarm monitoring company and advise them of the upcoming fire drill. Ensure to supply the monitoring company with the estimated timeline to conduct the fire drill.

2. Contact the Regional Emergency Services (RES) non-emergency line at 780-743-7061. Ensure to supply Dispatch with the estimated timeline to conduct the fire drill.

Initiating the Fire Drill

Is there a “Fire Drill” feature on the panel?

            Yes – utilize this feature to activate alarms for the purpose of the fire drill.

            No – activate the nearest manual pull station.

2. Record the time from the activation of the fire alarm to the evacuation of all staff, students and clientele.

During the Fire Drill

Supervisory staff are to monitor the evacuation process and note any of the following:

  • Are individuals closing the doors upon exiting rooms?
  • Are individuals remaining calm and proceeding towards the nearest exit?
  • Are individuals assembling at the designated muster point?
  • Are fire wardens (if applicable) ensuring the safe evacuation of all individuals?
  • Are all individuals being accounted for (if applicable)?
  • Are exits guarded to prevent re-entry into the building?

After the Fire Drill

1. Record the total evacuation time in the evacuation checklist report.

2. Silence the alarms, reset the manual pull station and reset the fire alarm system.

3. Ensure the fire alarm system is back to normal operating condition.

4. Inform individuals that they can re-enter the building.

5. Contact the fire alarm monitoring company and RES dispatch to advise that the fire drill is complete.

6. Re-evaluate any concerns that arose during the fire drill and discuss as a group (ex. safety meeting).

7. Keep record of the fire drill and any notes on the evacuation checklist report.