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Fire Alarm Work Permit

icon_pdf Fire Alarm Work Permit Conditions

Only fire alarm technicians and electricians qualified as per the Alberta Chief Fire Administrators interpretation and accepted by the Fire Prevention Branch can install, test or perform maintenance on fire alarm systems.

Credentials of all qualified personnel intended to work on fire alarm systems must be forwarded to the Fire Prevention Branch at the time of application or permit renewal. Credentials must also be provided at any time when a new employee (fire alarm technician or electrician) works on fire alarm systems within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

Notification Requirements

Technicians and Electricians must notify Fire Department Dispatch at 780-743-7061:

  • When Commencing work on a fire alarm system.
  • Upon restoring system to operation.
  • Upon accidental activation of a fire alarm system.
  • Interruption of the normal operation of a fire protection system for any purpose constitutes a “temporary shutdown”. Types of interruptions include, but are not limited to periodic inspection or testing, maintenance, and repairs.
  • When any portion of a fire protection system is temporarily shut down, alternative measures shall be taken to ensure that the level of safety intended by the Alberta Fire Code 2014 is maintained.

The following resources can be helpful in developing the alternative measures for life safety during a “temporary shutdown:”

  • Alberta Fire Code 2014.
  • Applicable CAN/ULC Standards.
  • Building Fire Safety Plan.
  • Other applicable codes and standards.

Alternative measures can include, but are not limited to:

  • Procedure for notification of the fire department.
  • Procedure for notification of building occupants.
  • Alternative form of local alarm known to the building occupants.
  • Extra watch service, conforming to the requirements of Basic Watchmen Service.
  • Posting instructions for alternate provisions or actions to be taken in case of an emergency.