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Installing Aboveground Fuel Tanks

Aboveground & Underground Fuel Storage Tank Permit Application

The following requirements are a brief guide for installations of aboveground fuel storage facilities (ASTs), whether permanent or temporary in nature.  For more specific details, consult Division B, Part 4 of the Alberta Fire Code 2014.

  1. For installations of AST (Aboveground Storage Tank) facilities on property where no previous fuel storage facilities were located or fuel storage capacity is being increased or relocated, a development permit from the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo may be required.  Contact the Planning and Development Department at 780-799-8695.
  2. A permit is required from the Fire Prevention Branch for any new or replacement installation of ASTs with a storage capacity of 2500L or greater.
  3. Permit application shall be accompanied by one engineered drawing and specifications, including tank and piping details; site diagram with grading and drainage details, mechanical protection details, installer information, and any other information requested by the Fire Prevention Branch.
  4. AST systems, regardless of size, must be designed by a professional engineer (Alberta). Pre-engineered systems that are listed and labeled as self-contained systems are exempt from this requirement. However, external piping, dispensing and mechanical protection for such systems requires professional involvement.  Listed and labeled systems shall be installed in conformance with the manufacturer's instructions.
  5. Tanks must comply with Underwriter's Laboratories of Canada standards for the use intended.
  6. In certain circumstances tank installations may require involvement of an approved installer, certified by the Petroleum Tank Management Association of Alberta (PTMAA). The following details regarding the contractor must be submitted at the time of permit application: Name of contractor, firm, and installer certification number.  Exception:  Completely self-contained, listed and labeled fuel tank systems where only sited and mechanical and electrical protection are required.
  7. The issued permit is a permit to install - the Fire Prevention Branch shall conduct a final inspection of the AST installation.  A minimum of 72 hours’ notice is required (five business days are required in cases of rural installations more than 100 kms from Fort McMurray).
  8. Above ground fuel storage tanks must be registered with the PTMAA when the fuel storage capacity is 2500L or greater and in use for one year.

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