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Special Fire Suppression Shutdown

icon_pdf Fire Suppression Permit Application

The following conditions apply to a permitted shutdown of a special fire suppression system for alterations, repairs, inspection and testing in accordance with Division B Subsections 6.6.1 & 6.1.1 of the AFC, 2014.

  • Notify the fire department at 780-743-7061 immediately prior to shutting down the system and following restoration of the system to full or partial operation.
  • Provide additional appropriate extinguishers in the location protected by the special suppression system.
  • Where the special suppression system provides automatic fire suppression coverage of a substantive portion of the facility - a fire watch - conforming to the requirements of a Basic Watchman Service shall be provided.
  • Down time of the special suppression system shall be minimized as much as possible.
  • The facility owner shall be kept aware of the status of the special fire suppression system.
  • Where the shutdown of a special fire suppression system affects the potential life safety of facility occupants, those occupants shall be notified before the system shutdown.