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Sprinkler System Shutdown

pdf_icon Sprinkler System Shutdown Application

The following conditions apply to a permit to shut down sprinkler protection to all or part of a facility for alterations, additions, repairs, inspections and tests, in accordance with Subsection 6.1.1 Division B of the AFC 2014.

  • Notify the Fire Department at 780-743-7061 immediately prior to shutdown and upon restoration of the system to full or partial operation.
  • Provide additional emergency hose lines (where a standpipe system is also provided) or additional fire extinguishers (where no standpipe system is present) to the areas affected by the sprinkler shutdown.
  • A fire watch shall be provided in all areas affected by a sprinkler shutdown. Patrols shall be recorded and made available upon request by a Fire Safety Codes Officer.
  • Temporary water connections shall be made to the sprinkler system, where possible, in order to offset the hazard posed by a non-functional sprinkler system.
  • Restore the system to full operation as quickly as possible.
  • Closed valves shall be identified and tagged.
  • The owner of the building and all affected building occupants shall be notified of any sprinkler shutdowns before they occur.
  • Where alterations, additions or repairs have been completed on a system that has been shut down, the following tests and inspections shall be conducted:
    1. All new system piping shall be pressure tested in conformance with installation requirements,
    2. A main drain test shall be performed to confirm all system valves are open;
    3. All alarm and supervisory devices on the system shall be checked to ensure they function as required.

Should work on the system be discontinued for any reason prior to completion of the work necessary to ensure full operation, all parts of the system that can be restored to operation will be restored and a fire watch shall be maintained in all areas that remain unprotected.