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Bylaw Services Branch

New Location for Bylaw Services

Bylaw Services is now located at the South Operations Centre (140 Saprae Creek Trail).


Complaints and Administration Line: 780-762-5858
Fax Line: 780-762-3650
Phone lines operate 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily

In Person:
140 Saprae Creek Trail
Fort McMurray, AB
Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (excluding statutory holidays)

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Bylaw Services educates residents by raising awareness and compliance of bylaws within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Bylaw Officers work with the following Bylaws:

  • Animal Control Bylaw
  • Business License Bylaw
  • Noise Bylaw
  • Nuisance Property Bylaw
  • Open Air Bylaw
  • Public Disturbance Bylaw
  • Parks and Recreation Bylaw
  • Roads & Transportation Bylaw
  • Single-use Shopping Bag Bylaw
  • Smoke Free Bylaw
  • Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Bylaw
  • Vehicle for Hire Bylaw

Bylaw Officers also work with the Alberta Traffic Safety Act.

Animal Health Technologists work to ensure any animals brought in by officers under the Animal Control Bylaw receive the care they need. Animal Health Technologists check over any animals brought in by an officer, seek veterinary care when required, administer medicine prescribed by a veterinarian, post found animal information online, ensure animals available for adoption go to the best suited homes, and ensure the animals in-care are well taken care of.

The Public Education Officer works to inform the public about the role of Bylaw Services and the region’s municipal bylaws. The Public Education Officer compiles information for various communication platforms, hosts presentations, writes news releases, attends community events and arranges events.

Vehicle for Hire Clerks are the front line workers for the Vehicle for Hire Industry. Vehicle for Hire Clerks provide licensing for taxis, schedule taxi inspections, communicate any changes to the industry and answer questions from drivers.