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Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw Survey

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) is reviewing the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw and would like your input. Please take the time to fill out the survey so that we can use your feedback to improve the Bylaw. In this context, the use of the term pets is in reference to cats and dogs. 

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What is important to you in a Pet Ownership Bylaw
Pet registration is important. It helps reunite lost or stray pets with their owners. It also lets the RMWB know how many pets are in the community, so money can be budgeted for programs and services for pet ownership. Do you currently register your pets?
If no, why do you not register your pets?
How long should the RMWB hold animals in its care before surrendering them to the SPCA?
How many pets should we permit in each household?
Pet registration currently runs April to April and is not available online. Should the RMWB:
Make the annual renewal on the date when the tags were originally purchased?
Would online registration encourage you to register your pets?
Would a reminder email help you to remember to register your pets?
Should the tags be reusable from year to year?
Currently exotic animals do not have to be registered but there is no cost for that service if they do. What type of pets should be registered for a fee?
How many dogs should one person be walking or be in the control of at the same time?

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