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Off-Highway Vehicles

Off-highway vehicles are widely used in the Municipality. Their use in the Urban Service Area (USA) and rural communities is regulated by several Municipal bylaws:

What is an off-highway vehicle?

An off-highway vehicle (OHV) is any vehicle designated for cross-country travel on land, water, snow, ice, marsh or swamp land or on other natural terrain. This includes motorcycles and minibikes, snow vehicles and all-terrain vehicles.

Where can I operate my OHV?

Operation of an OHV is prohibited on public property within the boundaries of the USA of Fort McMurray. There are three designated OHV staging areas along the outskirts of Fort McMurray, which provides operators easy access to OHV trails outside the boundaries of the USA. Review the location of the OHV staging areas.

Ride right, ride safe, ride responsible

Be aware of the dangers of OHV use and practice safe riding at all times. An OHV is only as safe as the person operating it – use good judgment and courtesy, wear appropriate protective gear and maintain your vehicle. OHV users are expected to follow the same regulations and laws as other motorized vehicle drivers. Laws are in place to protect the safety of everyone.

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