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Vehicle for Hire Bylaw – Survey

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The current Vehicle for Hire Bylaw is under review. Please participate in this survey to help us understand what areas of the Bylaw we can improve. All questions are optional. Please note: this bylaw covers all vehicles for hire (eg. taxis, limousines, etc.) in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB). It does not apply to buses.
How often do you take taxis or other vehicles for hire?
Where do you hire taxi or Vehicle for Hire?
How do you book your Vehicle for Hire?
How long is your average Vehicle for Hire trip?
At what time of day do you use vehicles for hire?
Consider the last time you used a vehicle for hire and answer the questions below.
Was your Vehicle for Hire clean?
Was the Vehicle for Hire in good repair?
Was the driver professional and courteous?
Was the driver knowledgeable of the local area?
Did the driver take the best route to your destination?
Did you pay how you wanted to for the trip (cash or debit/credit)?
Were you charged additional fees?
Have you ever had a Vehicle for Hire refuse you service?
The rate for a Vehicle for Hire is $3.80 to start, 10 cents per 52 metres and $30 an hour for waiting. What do you think of these rates?
Would you consider taking a Vehicle for Hire if you had to preauthorize your credit or debit card like at a gas station?
Do you feel safe using a Vehicle for Hire in Wood Buffalo?
How likely is it that you would you recommend to someone the use of a Vehicle for Hire in Wood Buffalo?
Rank the level of importance for each question below.
1= Very Important, 2=Important, 3=Slightly Important, 4=Not Important, 5=Don’t Know
Service is quick and on time.
Your route is visible on a GPS device.
The cost of the ride is on display.
The driver is professional.
The driver is not using a hands-free device.
There is appropriate room for luggage.
The Vehicle for Hire can accommodate a car seat.
The Vehicle for Hire allows me to take my pet(s) with me.
There are a variety of options for ways I can pay (cash/credit/debit/app).
In general, how satisfied are you with Vehicle for Hire service in Wood Buffalo?
Would you use a ride sharing service if it was available in Wood Buffalo?
A ride share service service is like Uber, Lyft or Tapp Car, a service that arranges one-time shared rides on very short notice, usually arranged through a smartphone app
Have you ever used a ride sharing company outside of Wood Buffalo?
If ride sharing companies were to come to Wood Buffalo, should they come under Vehicle for Hire Bylaw?

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