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Regional Responder

Regional Responder

Wood Buffalo is a big, beautiful region with plenty of opportunities. We want you to experience all our region has to offer – but in a responsible, safe manner so that you can continue to do the things you love for years to come.

Regional Responder is a new safety resource that we’ll be distributing each season to share with you what’s happening in the region with respect to safety. Learn more about the agencies that keep Wood Buffalo safe and find out how you can contribute:

We’re reaching out to people like you in the community to work together and make our region a place to live, work, and play – safely.

View or download Regional Responder here. Or get a hard copy of Regional Responder at your local Municipal office.

document type pdf Regional Responder - Fall 2018 - Ed.3
document type pdf Regional Responder - Spring 2018 - Ed. 1
document type pdf Regional Responder - Summer 2018 - Ed.2
document type pdf Regional Responder - Winter 2019 - Ed.4

Follow Regional Responder for news, updates and resources. Each season we’ll provide you with information you need to contribute to safety in our communities. Look for volunteer opportunities, events, resources and information about how you can stay safe and help others stay safe too.

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