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Engineering Department

The Engineering branch provides engineering and technical support to its internal and external customers. Engineering is dedicated to the design, construction and management of municipal infrastructure assets, which includes water distribution systems, sewage collection systems, water and waste water treatment facilities, storm water management facilities, roads and bridges.

Engineering is committed to the Municipality becoming a sustainable community through the implementation of reliable municipal infrastructure and transportation systems. Engineering services are provided by the following branches:

Building Infrastructure Management

The Building Infrastructure Management branch consists of two streams: Space Planning and Building Life Cycle. Space Planning is responsible for managing and maintaining workspaces in corporately owned and leased facilities. Building Life Cycle is responsible for the assessment of all municipal owned vertical assets (e.g., buildings) over the course of their life as operational assets.

The branch’s primary functions are: space management, space design and planning, moving logistics, standards, security, facility management plans, and assessment of tangible capital assets.

Infrastructure Planning and Development Services

Development Services

The Development Services branch manages the design and construction of municipal infrastructure relating to new growth and redevelopment projects in accordance with regulatory requirements. The branch is responsible for setting the minimum expectations for infrastructure projects through the Municipality’s Engineering Servicing Standards and Development Procedures.

The branch manages the developer charge framework throughout the Municipality, including developer charges and contributed capital assets. In addition, this branch provides technical support to Planning and Development with area structure plans, outline plans and subdivision and development permits.

In accordance with the Municipal Transportation Bylaw, Development Services is also responsible for the issuance of permits that are required prior to excavating or constructing within Municipal Road Right of Ways.

Infrastructure Planning

The Infrastructure Planning branch is responsible for developing and updating the Master Plans for water, wastewater, stormwater and transportation systems, studying the adequacy of needed infrastructures for existing and future developments, and preparing and reviewing reports that assess the impact and safety of infrastructure.

This branch participates in Capital Project Planning and Capital Budget Processes including Capital Budget Requests and Capital Business Cases for all new infrastructure projects. Another responsibility of this branch is the preparation of capital budget amendments, feasibility studies (needs analysis), project initiation (project charter, stakeholder identification, scheduling, and scope of work), pre-design (conceptual options, costing, and classification), detailed design and tendering (preparation of drawings, take off quantities), contract management and resource management (Professional Consulting Services related to different disciplines).

This branch provides engineering solutions related to infrastructure and transportation issues to internal and external stakeholders. An integral part of this branch is asset management for municipal infrastructure assets. Some of our current projects include:

Program Management

The Program Management branch is responsible for the design and construction of new municipal infrastructure, as well as the improvement of existing municipal infrastructure. In addition to project management, the branch provides technical expertise toward implementing the priorities of the five-year Capital Budget Plan. The mission of the branch is to deliver projects on time, on budget and with acceptable performance (safety, scope, quality) outcomes. Some of our current projects include:

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade
  • Water Treatment Plant Upgrade
  • Sanitary Sewer Trunks and River Crossing
  • Lower Townsite Loop Road
  • MacKenzie Pumphouse and Reservoir Upgrade


309 Powder Drive
Phone: 780-743-7850
Fax: 780-799-5899
Roads Hotline: 780-743-7859
Email: engineering.requests@rmwb.ca

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