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Comparison of Calls Received by Area 2015 vs. 2016 (up to August)

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Procurement Requests for Proposal (RFP) & Requests for Tender (RFT) 2015 - August 2016


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Provides engineering, project management, municipal asset management, and technical support to its internal and external stakeholders. Engineering is committed to the Municipality becoming a sustainable community through implementation of reliable municipal infrastructure, facilities and transportation systems.

Department Key Services

  • Land Development Services
  • Transportation & Infrastructure Planning
  • Building and Municipal Asset Management
  • Infrastructure Capital Project Development and Delivery

Strategic/Council Initiatives

Goal 2: Building Balanced Regional Services

Objective: Develop, improve and maintain core service infrastructure.
Strategic Initiatives:
  • Water Master Plan updated
  • Fort Chipewyan Water Treatment Plant upgrade
  • Parsons Creek water supply from Water Treatment Plant to Parsons Creek Reservoir
  • Implement flood mitigation strategy-Reach 2
  • Saline Creek water main from Hardin Street to King Street Booster Station
  • Anzac and Fort McKay Fire Halls built
  • Anzac Waste water treatment plan and effluent pipeline
  • Commissioning of downstream pipes Confederation Way
  • Beacon Hill Outfall and water, waste water and storm water pipeline upgrades
  • Phase 1 southwest water line
  • Rural water sewer servicing design and construction commenced
Objective: Strengthen regional service delivery quality.
Strategic Initiative:
  • Asset Management Framework for developing and maintaining core infrastructure established.

Goal 5: Building a Reliable Transportation Network

Objective: Improve service delivery capacity by enhancing transportation infrastructure and modes to meet industry, business and resident mobility needs.
Strategic Initiatives:
  • Develop a Regional Transportation Master Plan
  • Master Agreement with Alberta Infrastructure and Alberta Transportation to be implemented
  • Fort Chipewyan winter road bridge completed
  • Prairie Loop Boulevard completed

Goal 7: Building a Healthy & Active Lifestyle

Objective: Encourage the use of the Region’s recreational and community facilities, including natural amenities
Strategic Initiatives:
  • Conklin Multiplex Centre construction underway
  • Phase 1 Northside Twin Arenas construction proceeding
  • Fort Chipewyan Aquatic Centre

Achievements (Aug 2015 – Sept 2016)

  • Master Plan for Waste Water completed
  • Predesign of the Water Supply Line to Fort McKay and Capacity Upgrade
  • Flood Protection Reach 1 completed
  • Confederation Way sanitary sewer bypass
  • Conklin Waste Water treatment plant
  • Conklin Multiplex started
  • Eagle Ridge Community Centre completed
  • Fort Chipewyan Aquatic Centre completed
  • Twin Saprae Creek Trail from west of Saline Creek to Saline Creek Parkway
  • Fort Chipewyan Firebag bridge upgrade, Christina River and Richardson River bridges completed
  • Design of phase 2 of southwest water line
  • To enable re-entry to the community, supported operational needs with cleaning pipelines, reservoirs and sewers as well as completed improvement to various roads and infrastructure
    • Checked schools for readiness
    • Restoration and erosion controls implemented
    • Provided services for temporary RV park

Major Business Initiatives (2017)

  • Assessing storm and sanitary sewer in Gregoire and Thickwood
  • Saline Creek water main from Hardin Street to King Street Booster
  • Fort Chipewyan Waste Water Treatment Plant expansion
  • Anzac Community Centre Upgrade
  • Develop a Quality Assurance & Quality Control Program for Vertical and Linear Assets
  • Mackenzie Boulevard Lift Station and other lift station upgrades
  • Saline Creek Parkway designed
  • Support culture and employee wellness programs

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