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Fort Chipewyan Water Treatment Plant


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This summer the municipality will be upgrading Fort Chipewyan’s water treatment plant and water infrastructure. Penn-co Construction Ltd. has been chosen as the municipal contractor and will be working in Fort Chipewyan for the next 22 months. Associated Engineering and Riddell Kurzcaba Architecture Engineering Interior Design will be supporting as consultants on this project.


Work will begin in late April 2016, with completion expected in April 2018. The project has multiple pieces which will combine to give residents a more effective water treatment system.

Scope of Project

The project includes the following:

  • Building a new, larger water treatment plant
  • Increasing the size of the current water reservoir that holds fresh water
  • Upgrading the pump houses that bring water into the plant and then distribute it to homes

As well as expanding the water treatment plant, Penn-co will be installing larger water lines on residential streets, starting on the week of May 9, 2016.

  • Work will start at the intersection of McDermott Avenue and Macdonald Street
  • Construction will proceed east to the section of Stewart Drive between McDermot Avenue and Paquette Street
  • After completing this section, work will begin on the last section, on Macdonald Street north of Tourangeau Avenue to Paquette Street.

Truck Fill

Because of traffic congestion at the water treatment plant, the truck fill will be relocated to the intersection of Faraud Avenue and Breyant Avenue. It will stay here until the fall.

Temporary Water Service

While residents’ water mains are being worked on, they will be put on temporary water service. Residents will receive notice before the changeover is made and they will not experience any interruption in regular service.


Traffic delays are expected near the water treatment plant, as contractors will be unloading material and equipment at times. Please proceed with caution and follow instructions from flag people directing traffic.

Private Vehicle Access

Residents will be unable to use their private driveways during the time that work is conducted outside their homes. Contractors will deliver notices to residents before their driveway will become blocked, giving them time to move vehicles to temporary on-street parking spaces.

Garbage Pick-Up

Residents should continue to put their garbage out as per their regular schedule. Municipal contractors will coordinate the pick-up and return of their garbage cans to residents. Residents are encouraged to mark their garbage cans with their address, to make return easier.

Contact Information

If you have questions about this project or other construction in Wood Buffalo, please contact the Pulse at 780-743-7000.

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