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Father Mercredi and Demers Drive, Franklin and Gregoire Drive

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Mill and Pave projects for the RMWB

A mill and pave is taking the top layer of asphalt off and replacing it. Expect delays but access will not be restricted.

Will replace broken sidewalks and gutters as well. Some driveways may be affected by this project and if repairs are done to your driveway, concrete takes a minimum of 10 days to cure and set

The following roads will be affected by this project:

  • Clearwater Cres
  • Rodeo Dr
  • Morrison Street
  • Franklin Ave
  • Sutherland street
  • May Cres
  • King Street
  • Bell Cres
  • McKinnon St

UIRP 2018 - Construction: Contract 1: Father Mercredi & Demers Drive

Project Updates

Father Mercredi, Demers Drive

This project will replace all underground services, water, storm, sanitary.

During this time your access will be restricted and parking will be limited. Access to parking lots will be maintained. Affected driveways and Landscaping will be completed when the project is finished

Concrete takes ten days to cure and set and the driveway will not be accessible during this time

UIRP 2018 - Construction: Contract 3: Mills & Pave (LTS)

Project Updates

Franklin Avenue and Gregoire Drive

Expect construction delays but access will be maintained throughout this project

This project will be relining the pipes under the road surface without digging them up

The pipes are damaged under the ground and with a relining of the pipes will extend the life of the pipes and makes it so the road surface is not dug up. This is new technology for the RMWB but this has been used in major urban centers before with much success.

Please see your latest notice for more information

All WMZones are relaxed beginning March 19.  Follow us here for regular updates.