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Mill & Pave

Virtual Open House

UIRP 2018 - Construction: Contract 6: Mills & Pave (UTS)

Project Updates

A Mill and Pave is taking the top layer of asphalt off and replacing it. Some deep repairs will happen when road surfaces are badly damaged. In this case the entire road surface will be removed and replaced. Expect construction delays during this time and some driveway access issues. If your driveway is affected and redone, concrete takes a min of 10 days to cure and set. The following roads will have mill and paves with some deep repair work:

  • Archibald close
  • Campbell crescent
  • Cartier rd
  • Cree lane
  • Cree rd
  • Fisher crews
  • Galt place
  • Langevin rd
  • Laurier rd
  • Pinnacle place
  • Powder dr
  • Riverstone ridge
  • St Laurent way
  • Smallwood bay
  • Smallwood st
  • Dowd rd
  • Dundas srd
  • Earls crt
  • Erindale rd

All WMZones are relaxed beginning March 19.  Follow us here for regular updates.