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Westwood Crescent

Project Updates

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Westwood Crescent & Drive Map with Detail
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Westwood Engagement Session Presentation PDF | April 12, 2018

Westwood Crescent 

This mill and pave project involves taking the top layer off the road surface and then repaving the road surface with new asphalt. The project will also include road base repair at various spots, upgrading storm catch basin grates and sanitary sewer repair at four different locations involving excavation of the road. Sidewalks will not be part of the scope of this construction. This work is expected to take 10-20 days with work beginning in summer 2018.

Westwood Drive 

A new sanitary line will be installed on Westwood Drive, as an inspection of the existing line showed that it required replacement. The line is located in the public utility lane in from of residents' homes. This work will result in road reconstruction in full depth including curb and gutter work and a disruption of residents' driveways. A team from the RMWB will visit each home to discuss a driveway agreement and replacement options. Sidewalks will not be part of the scope of this construction. This work is expected to take 25-45 days with work beginning in summer 2018.

Access and additional information

Access will be limited at times during construction. Additional information will be shared about temporary access and parking, timelines, temporary parking, mail delivery and garbage pickup. Your home will experience vibrations during construction. While this project is ongoing, vibration monitoring will be conducted by a third party. Vibrations are not expected to exceed the accepted levels for construction projects. If vibration levels get too high, the entire site will be shut down until activity can return to accepted limits.


Stroud Bay Storm Improvements

Upgrades will be made to the storm sewer at the end of Stroud Bay. Existing parking for the surrounding apartment buildings will not be impacted but some temporary parking may be set up for residents’ convenience. The RMWB is working closely with the necessary apartment management companies to make this as easy as possible on residents.

More information call Pulse for more information at 780-743-7000 or visit rmwb.ca/pulse.

Westwood Crescent and Drive UIRP: Questions & Answers

1. Has the sidewalk been eliminated from the scope of this project?
Yes, the sidewalk has been eliminated from the project scope.

2. What is the timeline for the project?
Construction start is expected to be around June 15, 2018. The expected completion is the end of September. Westwood Drive is expected to take 25 to 45 days, while Westwood Crescent will take 10 to 20 days. The Municipality will provide updates to the timeline as information is available. 

3. Why is Westwood Crescent not included in the scope for sewer line work?
The existing line on Westwood Drive was installed in 1977 as a trunk to service Westview Heights to the South. It is vitrified clay tile pipe, in poor condition and inadequate to handle peaks sewer flows during extreme rainfall events. However, the sewer line in Westwood Crescent, is PVC pipe installed in 1996. There are minor issues with its condition which will be addressed through localized repairs, and its capacity is adequate.  

4. Will you be encroaching on properties?
Along Westwood Drive: though the road surface is only 8.5 metres wide, the road right-of-way owned by the RMWB is 20 metres wide. All work will occur within the 20 metre wide road right-of-way. Excavation will need to occur as far back as necessary to disconnect from the existing sanitary sewer connections and connect to the new sanitary sewer for each property. The sewer line is quite deep at six meters, meaning the excavation required will be large but every effort will be made to keep it within the existing paved area. Additional excavations will occur to properties on the east side of the road to connect the sanitary to the property. Service connections locations vary from property to property and may be below existing driveways or within the landscaped portion of the property. The excavation required to reconnect services could result in disturbance to driveways or landscaping up to seven meters beyond the curb onto the property in some areas. Because the existing sanitary sewer is on the east side of the road under the existing curb, most of the disturbance within the road right of way extending toward the property will occur on the east side of Westwood Drive. The contractor will be required to restore all impacted properties.

Properties on the west side of Westwood Drive are not likely to see any disturbance in their lawn or driveway except in cases where it cannot be avoided, such as, slope failure due to a geotechnical condition or replacement of catch basin/grate to resolve existing ponding problem. This is highly unlikely, but if it does occur it is expected to encroach a smaller area (a few square feet) at a few properties.

On Westwood Crescent: at this time, we are not anticipating encroachment on the properties.

5. I have concerns about my driveway. Will it be excavated? What materials will be used to repair any excavation?

Some driveways may be affected by the work. Residents on the east side of Westwood Drive may be impacted if their sewer service connection is under their driveway or if they have a manhole in their driveway. Engineering has had some conversations with residents affected by this.  As well, there could be a few driveways that may be affected if the service connection becomes challenging to reconnect. 

The service lines on the west side will extend into the area where the new pipe is being installed, and can be re-attached from there without excavating back to the property. At this pre-construction stage, it’s believed that the only reason properties on the west side would have the driveway affected would be if there is significant ponding in front of their driveway. In that case the curb and gutter would need to be realigned and since their driveway is tied into it, a portion of the driveway would need to be redone. 

If a driveway is aggregate, then the contractor will work to match with the existing portion. As an alternate, the entire driveway may be redone with brushed concrete or asphalt. Driveways that are concrete should be replaced with concrete up to the property line (or first natural break). For driveways that are pavers, contractors will try to salvage and re-install.

Where curb and gutter requires replacement, the resident will not be able to access their driveway for 10 days while the concrete cures.

If you have specific concerns about your drive way, please contact Pulse (780-743-7000 or rmwb.ca/pulse) to identify your address and submit your concern. 

6. Will manholes on Westwood Drive be returned to the same location? 
The existing sanitary sewer manholes (the manholes closest to the road) will be removed and/or abandoned, and new manholes will be installed in the center of the street. The contractor and engineer will work with impacted homeowners to rehabilitate their driveways. The storm sewer manholes (furthest from the street) will not be impacted. 

7. What will be done in terms of landscaping? 
Landscape restoration will be reviewed as part of the final inspection, and if it is found deficient (i.e. frozen sod) the contractor will be required to repair it. If a landowner has a concern about a particular item, they should contact the Pulse Line (780-743-7000 or rmwb.ca/pulse) and your comments will be forwarded to the RMWB Project Manager and Engineering Consultant. 

8. Will Westwood Drive and Westwood Crescent be phased to optimize accessibility. Will they, or can they, be done at the same time?
The contractor who will be awarded the work will be responsible for developing the final construction plan. They will be required to complete the work on Westwood Drive in at least two phases, though they may elect to have additional phases. Temporary access will be provided from Wolverine Drive to minimize access disruptions to residents. The contractor will provide detour information in advance of any changes to access routes.
Paving of both streets will likely occur simultaneously and should be completed in three to four days. 

9. Can half of Westwood Drive be done at a time? 
The contractor may not open more than 200 linear meters of the road at one time, so Westwood Drive will be completed in at least two phases. One lane of the road can’t be kept open due to the location and depth of the line

10. What if there is an emergency requiring fire, police, or ambulance?
Emergency Services are part of project planning and an Emergency Response Plan is developed. This Plan is likely to change throughout construction, as various phases are complete. The Contractor will be required to provide a Traffic Accommodation Strategy which will identify how emergency vehicles will be able to travel through the construction zone.
11. Where is temporary parking? Will there be parking for recreational/off road vehicles? Where is shuttle coming from?
Engineering is working with the Municipality’s Land Administration Department to secure various sites, and will provide an update when this item is finalized. The shuttle will be available from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on an on-call basis; a phone number will be provided and the shuttle will be ready in 10-15 minutes.
12. What about someone who has mobility issues, and can’t walk to the shuttle?
If a resident is concerned about accessing the shuttle for mobility reasons, please contact the Pulse Line (780-743-7000 or rmwb.ca/pulse) with your address and issue and the consultant will work with the contractor to accommodate your needs on a case by case basis.  The Contractor’s Traffic Accommodation Strategy will be required to identify how vulnerable users will be accommodated during construction.

13. Will there be interruptions to water services? Will shut-off valves be affected by this construction?
Water services have not been identified for replacement, and therefore the shut-off valves will not be replaced.

Water service lines on Westwood Drive will be exposed during construction as the road will be dug over six metres and services for the waterline may be around three metres. The contractor may elect to provide temporary water as a precaution, in which case shut-off valves may be checked to ensure they works properly, or the contractor may elect to protect the existing service lines during construction. If a temporary line would be hooked up to a hydrant and would run above ground to each impacted home.
14. Some storm catch basins have been identified as problem areas (e.g. heaving, improper drainage, etc.). Will these be addressed?
A review of the catch basins will occur as part of this project, so that it may be addressed during construction. 

15. For the Westwood Crescent mill and pave project, will the curbs remain where they are? What spots along the Crescent will be dug up for spot repairs?
For the mill and pave, the curbs are mostly expected to stay intact. Areas where the concrete is failing will be replaced. An updated map is being provided to indicate the spot locations for the sanitary sewer repairs.

16. Will my garbage still be picked up during construction? 
The contractor is responsible for accommodating garbage collection, as identified in their Traffic Accommodation Strategy. If they cannot meet the requirements for garbage truck pick-up, the contractor will be required to move resident’s garbage bins to a location for pick-up and then return the bins (should this occur, it is recommended your address is written on the bin). 

17. Currently there is no on-street parking. Will this be changed?
This project will not change the status of the parking.

18. Will the residents have to bear the brunt of the project costs through additional charges on taxes?
No, there are not additional charges specific for this project. This is regular and preventative maintenance and construction to municipal infrastructure. 

19. How will information be shared for this project in the future?
The UIRP project page at rmwb.ca/construction will have information posted. A mailing list has also been started, and updates will be sent to residents who have submitted their emails. As well, on occasion there may be flyers delivered door to door depending on the project phase. 






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