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2019 Budget


Video: Making Sense of the Municipal Budget

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Every year, a budget is established to provide a foundation for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo to meet the service and infrastructure needs of residents. For those that are interested in becoming more engaged with this process, budget documents are available on the municipal website. Residents are also invited to watch budget workshops and meetings in Council Chamber or online at rmwb.ca/council.

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Making Sense of the Municipal Budget

Do you have questions about the budget? Are you wondering how the budget process works? Now you can make sense of the budget by reviewing the Municipality’s Budget Primer document. The Budget Primer is like the Coles Notes for the budget and is a great tool for those with questions about how the budget works and what it means for residents.

The Budget Cycle

The Municipality’s budget cycle follows the calendar year: January 1 through December 31, and Council approves a one-year operating budget and a two-year financial plan, as well as a one-year capital budget and three-year capital plan.

The public part of the process usually begins in the fall, and Council publicly reviews the proposed budget that has been developed by Administration for the following year. Once this budget has been thoroughly reviewed and discussed, the proposed budget will be brought to Council once again for final approval.

Budget Workshops in Council Chamber

Each year during budget workshops, residents can follow Council as they review the budget. Residents are encouraged to get engaged in the process and take part by following the meetings (in Council Chamber at 9909 Franklin Ave., or online via live stream video), or by participating in the delegation process.

Find out more about Council meetings, the delegation process, agendas and budget documents at rmwb.ca/council

Every time your street is plowed, your garbage or recycling is collected, you visit a trail or park, or catch the bus, tax dollars are at work. Decisions made as part of the budget development determine funding for the programs and services that maintain our quality of life.

Developing the budget involves making decisions and prioritizing between essential programs, infrastructure demands, and the wants and needs of residents. It is the responsibility of the Mayor and Councillors to lead Administration through this process and to make those difficult decisions on behalf of taxpayers.


Residents’ involvement is an essential part of the democratic process. As a means of making the budget process more accountable to taxpayers, residents are given opportunities to make a presentation to Council throughout the budget-deliberation process. Visit

Watch out for on-street parking restrictions. WMZ season is scheduled to begin Oct.15, pending weather conditions.