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Information & Advisory Services

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The Information and Advisory Services department is a business advisory and information technology (IT) organizational partner helping to create and support efficient and effective municipal operations.

The department provides business advisory and IT support services that include tools, technology, information and analytics to assist in managing knowledge, meeting regulatory requirements, building internal competencies and improving corporate accountability.

The department is responsible for all information technology hardware, business application software, physical communications, information security and availability.

This internal service department provides the following services:

IT Governance Services

  • Provide strategic and tactical planning in the use of information and advisory services
  • Establish enterprise standards in processes, procedures, business solutions and information technology

Business Engagement

  • Strategic and business planning for the organization
  • Performance measurement of the strategic and business plans
  • Enables decision making by providing real time business information
  • Improves collaboration and decision making by aligning cross departmental processes and sharing of common data
  • Leverages the benefits of common data and core applications

Infrastructure Services

  • Provide and maintain a secure, reliable and adaptive infrastructure
  • Proactively optimize throughput, availability and performance
  • Recommend, acquire and implement information technology

Information Services

  • Manage access to data and information in an integrated and secure manner regardless of the source
  • Ensure that authoritative data is well known and accessible
  • Enable and assist statistical analysis of CORE system data

Application Services

  • Configure and implement robust, scalable, secure and reusable business solutions
  • Enhance business solutions to optimize its use and applicability in line with changing business requirements
  • Proactively ensure availability and reliability of business solutions


Telephone: 780-743-7836
Fax number: 780-799-5895

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