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2014 Agreements

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2015 Agreements

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2016 Agreements


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Manages all municipal land and facility real estate interests. The Department is responsible for the acquisition of land for capital infrastructure projects, disposition of real estate interests and leasing of land and facilities. The Industry Relations Branch expands working relationships with the natural resource extraction sector, and government representatives. Through these relationships, industry trends are monitored and projections for future growth are developed.

Department Key Services

Property Leasing
  • Encroachment agreements: Lease agreements - the Municipality as landlord and lessee
Acquisition and Dispositions
  • License of Occupation; Road Use Agreement; Crossing Agreement; Land Consent; Land Acquisition; Road Closure; Right of Way and Easement; Land Sale; Reserve Designation Removal
Industry Relations
  • Municipal Growth Forecasts – Review and Update
  • Establishes and maintains relationships with Industry and coordinates municipal involvement in oil sands regulatory processes.

Strategic/Council Initiatives

Goal 1: Building a Responsible Government

Objective: Improve systematic collaboration with other levels of government and other regional stakeholders, including Indigenous community.

Goal 3: Building a Vibrant Economy Together

Objective: Increase systematic collaboration with the oil sands industry to understand growth trends, as well as corporate and employee needs.
Objective: Recover and sustain local business in the Region.
Strategic Initiative:
  • Parsons Creek Town Centre site.
Objective: Recover local workforce residency.
Objective: Improve business intelligence gathering and use.
Objective: Enhance new opportunities and diversification for local businesses.
Strategic Initiative:
  • Parsons Creek Town Centre site.

Goal 4: Building an Effective Land Strategy.

Objective: Foster stronger integrated land planning and development.
Strategic Initiatives:
  • Support commercial development
  • Parsons Creek Town Centre
  • Land acquisition for Fort McKay Fire Hall
Objective: Review and amend the Master Service Agreement to be reflective of the current environment and sustaining the long term.
Strategic Initiative:
  • Implement the Master Agreement
Objective: Improve the efficiency of land disposition and development in the Region.
Strategic Initiative:
  • Land release policy and procedures updated.

Achievements (Aug 2015 – Sept 2016)

  • Secured a tenant for Jubilee Café
  • Acquisition Policy approved by Council
  • Land Exchange with Habitat for Humanity
  • Successful Completion of 116 Real Estate Transactions
  • Facilitation of Contaminated Sites Committee
  • Revised population forecasting/projections

Major Business Initiatives (2017)

  • Lease Policy & Dispositions Policy
  • Create a Marketing Strategy for Saline Creek
  • Secure a tenant for Snye Pointe Café
  • Provide support to Rural and Water Sewer Project
  • Acquire property for Capital Projects
  • Former Sports & Entertainment Complex Lands
  • Acquire Jubilee Plaza
  • Revise the population projections with GoA and industry representatives
  • Re-visit Council motion that directs the Municipality to intervene in oil sands projects.
  • Rural Community Growth Management - Implement the Master Agreement between the Municipality, Alberta Infrastructure and Alberta Transportation
  • Recover local workforce residency
  • Municipal Census

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