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Caring for our trees

Black Knot Disease

Black knot is a common fungal disease that affects members of the Prunus species of trees and shrubs in our region. It develops as thick black, tar-like swelling on twigs and branches. Fortunately, it is easy to identify and remove the disease before it disfigures and eventually kills your trees.

Elm Pruning Ban

Dutch elm disease (DED) is a deadly disease that can affect any elm tree. Alberta currently has the largest DED-free American elms in the world, but it is important to remain vigilant to prevent the disease from infecting our trees. To that end, pruning of elm trees is prohibited throughout Alberta each year from April 1 until Sept. 30.

Tree Roots on Private Property

Call, Don't Cut. Tree roots on private property may be growing from a tree on your property, on a neighbour's property or on Municipal property. Schedule a Tree Doctor visit by calling the PULSE Line at 780-743-7000. Municipal Arborists can help you determine who owns the tree and can make recommendations for steps you can take. Municipal Arborists cannot remove roots or trees on your property.

WMZ Subzones 1 & 2 are active: Jan. 21 - 25. Follow us here for regular updates.