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Memorial Park project survey

The Municipality is currently planning a Memorial Park project for the Beacon Hill neighbourhood of Fort McMurray.

The park will be in memory of Emily Ryan, who passed away tragically on May 4, 2016 following community-wide evacuation from the Horse River Wildfire. The project is supported by the Ryan family and is aligned with the Municipality’s Parks Master Plan.

Completing this survey will help ensure that members of our community have input into the project. The information, ideas and input gathered from you through this survey and at public engagement sessions will help to shape design concepts for this Memorial Park. 

Our plan is to return to the community for additional public engagement opportunities following this first round of information gathering. Depending on the results of public engagement, we also plan on completing site preparation work this year. Construction is tentatively scheduled for 2020 depending on the 2020 municipal budget process. 

All questions are optional and no personal information will be collected.

You may want to review information at rmwb.ca/memorialpark before completing the survey.



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Understanding the location for the Memorial Park is supported by the Parks Master Plan and the Ryan family, please tell us how you feel about the following statement:
“I support the Memorial Park being constructed at this location in Beacon Hill.”
Municipal land in Beacon Hill is currently designated for the Memorial Park. The location is at the ‘back end’ of Beacon Hill, near Beacon Hill Drive. The location is a safe distance from Highway 63 and Grayling Terrace. We would like to know what you feel is the story the park should tell. Remember there is no right or wrong answer – we are looking for your thoughts in order to establish a narrative that we can work with to shape the design of the park.

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