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Have Your Say: Off-Highway Vehicle Use in Our Community

In response to feedback received through the online survey, the proposed idea of a new chain-link fence being installed in a section of Timberlea and then potentially in Abasand and parts of Gregoire, is no longer being considered in our approach to how we best manage OHV use together as a community.

We thank residents for their strong participation in the engagement process and invite all residents to continue providing input, ideas and feedback on the other issues and questions related to OHV

Have your say on the use of Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs) in our neighbourhoods by completing this survey. We are looking to gather information from you on how we can best manage OHV use together as a community. All questions are optional and no personal information will be collected.

This survey is focused specifically on OHV use in the Urban Service Area (Fort McMurray). OHVs are widely used in our community and their use is regulated by several municipal bylaws.

An OHV is any vehicle designed for cross-country travel on land, water, snow, ice, marsh, swamp land or any other natural terrain. This includes motorcycles, minibikes, snow vehicles such as a ski-doo and all-terrain vehicles.

You may want to review information at rmwb.ca/OHV before completing the survey.

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Where do you live?
Please identify your age
How often do you use OHVs?
How do you feel about the following statements?
“OHV use is part of living in our community and should be expected.”
“OHV use in non-designated areas is not permitted and should not be allowed.”
“The Municipality should continue to focus on public safety and take steps to curb illegal OHV activity, including fines against OHV users where necessary.”
Designated OHV staging areas are currently maintained by the Municipality in Abasand, Downtown (Snye Point Park) and Waterways (Sitskaw Park/Horse Pasture Park). Staging and unloading of OHVs is allowed and encouraged in these areas.
“OHV users should use the designated OHV staging areas maintained by the Municipality.”
“The Municipality should explore additional staging areas if there is public support for it, understanding this could require additional funding from the municipal budget at a later time.”
Best practice in curbing illegal OHV is based on education and enforcement. Physical barriers have had limited success in stopping this activity and should only be used as last resort.
“Public education about safe OHV use is important in addition to enforcement. They go hand in hand.”
“The Municipality should increase the use of physical barriers to limit illegal OHV use, such as post and rail fencing, jersey barriers, bollards and swing gates.”
“I am concerned that additional physical barriers would change the natural landscape surrounding our neighbourhoods and would limit general access to trails and forested areas in the community.”
“The Municipality should take a holistic approach to OHV management, and work with the community to develop an OHV master plan, implementing learnings from best practices and information gathered from residents and OHV users.”
The Municipality works collaboratively with the Wood Buffalo RCMP and the Government of Alberta to help curb illegal OHV use. At the same time, the Municipality has no jurisdiction over provincial land in the area.
Are you aware that sometimes illegal OHV use takes place on provincial land surrounding our communities?
“The Municipality should continue to focus on public education and enforcement (where necessary) and collaboration with the Wood Buffalo RCMP and OHV user groups, including the promotion of existing staging areas.”
“Public safety is a top priority and we should be mindful of the potential impact on emergency response times that a permanent, chain-link fence could have in this area.”

All WMZones are relaxed beginning March 19.  Follow us here for regular updates.