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Grayling Terrace Lift Station Upgrades

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Lift Station Option 1

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Grayling Terrace Lift Station Tower Construction

We’re mobilizing for construction of the new Grayling Terrace lift station, which is being built on the east side of Grayling Crescent near Garson Place. The consultant for the project is Stantec while the contractor is Westpro.

A lift station pumps wastewater or sewage from a lower elevation to a higher one. The new Grayling Terrace lift station will increase reliability of operations and raise the facility to current environmental and safety standards. The new lift station is about four times the size of the current one.

The project will:

  • Increase safety for operators
  • Increase equipment efficiency
  • Increase remote monitoring capabilities
  • Increase cost effectiveness
  • Decrease routine daily maintenance requirements

We engaged with Grayling Terrace residents in 2015 about the location of the lift station. Two options were presented. Option 2 was chosen because it was deemed least disruptive for residents.

Construction is scheduled through December 2016 followed by a two-month winter break. Construction is tentatively scheduled to resume in March 2017, with the project finishing up in July 2017. As with all construction projects, timelines are subject to change.

For more information please call the Construction Helpdesk at 780-793-1054 or email constructionhelpdesk@rmwb.ca.

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