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Horse Pasture Park Boat Launch

The construction at Horse Pasture Park is substantially complete. The new park facilities include a gazebo shelter, public washrooms and a plaza for guests.

Following a stakeholder engagement session in 2015, a number of changes were recommended by this target group of boaters in the local community. As a result, multiple changes were made to the original boat launch plans, making them more useable to the public:

  • Improved sight lines from parking lots to boat ramps, improving safety and access
  • Repositioning of public facilities, including a gazebo, plaza and washroom
  • Reorganized construction schedule to allow for constant river access

Archived Information of the Construction Plan

Construction Notice: Horse Pasture Park

The west boat launch at Horse Pasture Park is closed for the spring/summer of 2017 and will tentatively re-open this fall. During construction the east boat launch and the Snye boat launch remain open.

Horse Pasture Park
Project Plan Gallery
Horse Pasture Park plan

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Contact Information

If you have questions about this project or other construction in Wood Buffalo, please contact the Construction Helpdesk by calling 780-793-1054 or emailing constructionhelpdesk@rmwb.ca.

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